Soliton SecureBrowser

Soliton SecureBrowser is a dedicated multi-platform web browser that enables secure access to internal systems. Soliton SecureBrowser is the easy and secure solution for accessing company data on the go.


- Secure access to internal systems without VPN

- Supports Mac, Windows, Android and iOS

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Soliton SecureBrowser is great for travelling employees who regularly access the Internet, emails or company files from unsecured Wi-Fi networks in Airports, Café’s or Hotels.


Using unsecured Wi-fi networks is a security risk, as they are vulnerable to eavesdropping. Logins, passwords, emails and other sensitive material can easily be snatched by anyone with a laptop and the right software.

With Soliton SecureBrowser, your employees can use unsecured Wifi networks without the risk of data leakage. With Soliton SecureBrowser data remains secure – no VPN necessary

Split corporate and personal data within the container


Easy to use - Secure by design

Soliton SecureBrowser works on your favorite devices (smartphones with iOS and Android as well as Windows or Mac computers). It is easy to use, does not restrict the user and is lightning fast.

The user interface and functionality of Soliton SecureBrowser is comparable to other browsers. Users can use Soliton SecureBrowser as their default browser without restrictions and at same time access company data through the browser. This makes for a great user experience while staying secure.

Following an easy sign-in, Soliton SecureBrowser accesses company data without the need of the complicated infrastructure that normally comes with secure access.


Cost vs. VPN

Soliton SecureBrowser is the easy-to-use, cost-effective solution to protect your company data. With Soliton SecureBrowser, there is no need to set-up and configure an expensive VPN or maintain a complicated infrastructure.

Soliton SecureBrowser only requires a single gateway server – meaning that Soliton SecureBrowser is both cheaper and easier to acquire and maintain compared to normal VPN setups.



Complementing MDM

Companies using MDM solutions can push Soliton >SecureBrowser as the default mobile browser on devices (for instance replacing Safari) for an extra layer of security