Excitor DME: a flexible, future-proof mobile app

Thu, 01/31/2013 - 09:42 -- admin

Secure Email & PIM

Excitor DME™ is a complete enterprise mobility solution, containing a variety of applications to mobilize your employees while keeping them in touch with the office. This feature-rich software enables companies to grant employees access to corporate emails, calendars, address books and files, while maintaining security and providing a pleasant user experience for employees on-the-go.

Excitor DME™ Secure Email & PIM is independent of operator, device and e-mail platform. This enables organizations to select the mobile device or devices that suits their unique needs now and in the future, while still operating with one mobile email solution and maintaining the same high level of security across devices.






Excitor DME™ works on:

  • A variety of mobile phones, smartphones, tablets and operating systems, including iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch), Android and Windows Phone 8
  • Lotus Domino and Microsoft Exchange e-mail collaboration platforms as well as Office 365

"Excitor's DME solution combines device management, email, and PIM with secure access to corporate applications, corporate app stores, and intranets, within a single secure container. It is accessible through a single sign-on, with granular control of access where only authorized applications are accessible by individuals. DME gives users the right access to the right applications" Quote: Jason Andersson, Research Director, IDC Nordics


Excitor DME™ Secure Email & PIM enables you to:

  • Push or Synchronize your corporate e-mail inbox and folders between your desktop and your mobile device
  • Search all e-mails, both those stored on the phone and on the company server
  • Open, read, view, edit and create attachments on the phone
  • Customize e-mail sync and storage settings (as allowed by the administrator)
  • View colleagues’ availability via integration with Instant Messaging service
  • Sync Notes Journals, To-dos, RSS feeds
  • ...and a lot of other things


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