Excitor DME™ Mail and Calendar has rich functionality for handling attachments: 

  • Received attachments can be stored locally on the device inside the secure mobile workplace container for offline use or can be stored directly on personal or corporate file shares if online.
  • Documents stored locally on the device inside the  secure mobile workplace container or on personal or corporate file shares can be attached to emails and meeting invites.
  • Attachments can be viewed and edited inside the container using the built-in suite of office tools that can handle documents compatible with Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. New attachments can be created on the fly. PDF-files can be viewed and annotated via a powerful set of annotation tools.
  • Received attachments can be included with email reply/mail forward and edited or commented before sending.
  • Excitor DME™ supports password-protected ZIP-files as attachments for additional protection of sensitive documents.