Board of Directors

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Ole Finn Nielsen

 Ole is one of the founders of the law firm Nielsen Norager (1983). Legal assistance for Danish and foreign companies with mergers and acquisitions and general commercial law. Furthermore Ole is chairman or member of board of directors of a range of Danish companies. Educated at the Uni-versity of Copenhagen where Ole was as lecturer in commercial law 1969-1973.  


Dr. Nobuo Kamata
Board Member


Dr. Nobuo Kamata is the founder and CEO of Soliton Systems K.K. which focuses on IT Security & real time Image Transfer systems with related services.  He started LAN business since 1984 and played a pioneer role in networking era in Japan. Before he started Soliton in 1980, he spent 8 years with Intel (Japan operation) as an application researcher, then product marketing & training manager, which led Microprocessor evolution.  He majored in applied physics (solid-state) at Tokyo Institute of Technology and earned Ph. D. 


Tetsuhito Tajima
Board Member 

Tetsuhito joined Sony Corporation in Japan in 1973 where he worked for Sony's worldwide operations in numerous roles including 9 years of business experience in the United States. Tetsuhito has considerable expertise in finance, accounting and business planning & control. After his successful career with Sony, he took the position in 2012 as CFO for Soliton Systems Japan which is the leading company of IT security products and mobile broadcasting products.  

Tetsuhito became a member of Excitor's Board of Directors following Soliton's acquisition of Excitor A/S in December 2014.