What is DME?

Excitor DME™ is a single App to enable secure mobile access to all the Enterprise IT systems the employees need to do their job

Enterprise Security

  • Complete separation of Business & Personal Data
  • No Data leakage from Excitor DME™ Corporate Partition
  • Remote Wipe Excitor DME™ Corporate Partition only
  • Built in Micro VPN for Business Data only
  • No reliance on Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync
  • AD Sign-on once to all Apps inside Excitor DME™ Corporate Partition
Split corporate and personal data within the container
Access full email and calendar functionality

Email & PIM

  • Use Excitor DME™ Email, Calendar & Contacts client for Business Data
  • Same rich user experience as Native Email & Calendar
  • Search Global Address Book for employee details
  • Check availability before sending meeting invitations
  • Set Out Of Office & change AD Password from Excitor DME™

Learn more about Excitor DME™ Email & PIM

Enterprise Apps

  • Excitor DME™ AppBox Secure Browser within DME Corporate Partition
  • Secure Mobile Access to Intranet & other IT web systems
  • Publish Corporate web clips for different user groups
  • Create HTML5 Apps, publish to any device running Excitor DME™
  • Supports latest PhoneGap & Cordova Mobile API’s

Learn more about Excitor DME™ AppBox

Mobilize your corporate apps with DME
Edit Word and Excel files directly from your device

Document Access

  • Download documents from Email, SharePoint & Fileshares
  • Store Documents within Excitor DME™ Partition to access offline
  • Document Editor imbedded in Excitor DME™ Corporate Partition
  • Create & Edit Word, Excel & PowerPoint documents
  • Annotate pdf’s (Highlight, Freehand & text box)
  • Sign documents electronically without printing

Learn more about File Browser

Mobile Device Management

  • One view of all Excitor DME™ enabled mobile devices connecting to your network
  • Separate policies for different AD Groups, BYOD, Corporate
  • Manage DME™ Corporate Partition only – perfect for BYOD
  • Manage whole device MDM settings for business owned
  • Publish HTML5 Enterprise Apps within Excitor DME™ Corporate Partition

Learn more about Excitor DME™ MDM

Manage MDM settings for DME enabled devices

Excitor DME™ supports Smartphones and Tablets running Apple iOS, Google Android, Windows Phone 8 and Färist Mobile*. (Not all DME features are available on all devices)

* In the event of difficult loading Excitor DME™ to the Farist device, please contact support@tutus.se