Split corporate and personal data

Mon, 03/25/2013 - 14:59 -- admin

How Excitor DME™ makes it possible for both corporate data and personal data to share the same smartphone


Excitor’s DME™ is definition of containerization, the safe and secure solution that leading organizations implement to ensure the separation between employee’s private data from corporate data on employee’s smartphones and mobile devices.


Most importantly, however, is that Excitor’s DME™ allows for complete personalization of any device even after a container has been installed on it. Users of the device can freely and openly add to and subtract features and functionality as they would their own devices – because they are using their one devices - all the while the corporate data within the container remains secure, protected and unaffected. In other words, all corporate data placed into the container is confined, securely, within the Excitor DME™ application.

So, as the trend of mobile device management continues to be the clear platform for growth and mobility and as mobile commerce continues to be the primary source for how information is consumed and business gets done, Excitor DME™ is the clear and present stand-alone solution because of several key advantages.


For example:

  • Excitor DME™’s containerization allows end users to have easy access to all appropriate corporate data available to them through a simple to use single sign-on (SSO) function


  • Excitor DME™ allows IT departments to maintain complete control over the data within the container – they can add and remove applications or permissions and the end user doesn’t see a single change or challenge once the container is implemented, nor is there any confusion for how their employer is using the container


  • Excitor DME™ allows an organization’s employees to continue invest in their own mobile solutions for use in the work setting while receiving the most up-to-date protection, security and guidance for operating efficiently under their organization’s BYOD policy.


From start to finish, tip to toe, both employees and their employers can rest assured that the data contained through Excitor’s DME™ is safely protected, that there is no crossover or leakage from the container to the remainder of the device and that the silos of information inside the device remain apart and intact, while allowing for the addition of new apps and programs as needed.