Excitor Product Suite

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Excitor solutions enable secure working on a wide range of mobile devices, laptop and desktop platforms. The product suite includes:

  • Excitor DME™ - Secure mobile container for email, contacts, calendar, intranet access, applications and files
  • MobiControl* - Extensive mobile device management for iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8
  • Excitor G/On® - Secure remote access from PC, Mac and Linux – RDP, Citrix and Web Apps – without VPN





Excitor DME™ Single App, All-in-one secure container

With Excitor DME™ people can work securely, with access to corporate email accounts, calendars, contacts, to-do lists and assignments, news feeds, HTML5 applications and intranet systems -- all protected within a container on the device, without risk of leaking data to other apps or the need to install and a configure a full VPN. Excitor DME™ meets the security needs of both bring-your-own-device (BYOD) and mixed corporate and personal use of company owned devices.


MobiControl* - Mobile Device and Application Management

MobiControl* provides a comprehensive suite of tools to simplify management of your mobile IT estate. A web-based management interface provides:

  • Complete device management from asset tracking to security policy application to remote lock and wipe
  • Device enrolment tools to speed up device configuration and provisioning
  • Content management tools to help employees access the data they need and block the information they don’t
  • Application management tools to assist with software installation and deployment
  • A self-service portal to help staff manage their own devices
  • Tools to assist with device backup and retirement so nothing is lost

MobiControl* also helps with management of BYOD devices, providing the tools your business needs to keep corporate data separate from personal apps.



Excitor G/On® for secure remote working on Windows, Mac and Linux

Excitor G/On® offers users the flexibility to work from anywhere on Windows, Mac and Linux with secure access to their office PC, virtual desktops, server desktops and applications. Companies also can quickly establish secured and managed access for external contractors and partners.  The solution provides 2 factor user authentication, data encryption, network protection and application authorisation and access.

The smart card based authentication USB tokens offer the option of integrating a bootable, locked down Linux operating system for an isolated, known and managed computing environment on any end user PC. With Excitor’s approach, the user’s PC is never directly connected to the corporate network.  A virtual connection is established between the user session and application servers, turning an untrusted PC into a managed, trusted client.



Quick Overview


Excitor’s solutions for iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8, Windows, Mac and Linux create a single approach to support the security and access needs of all remote and mobile workers.

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