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Reduce IT spend while meeting stringent Government security obligations with Excitor G/On®.

Traditionally, organisations have been forced to purchase high end laptops with a complex and costly security stack for even occasional home workers. 

In contrast, G/On® runs on a home PC or budget laptop with no requirement for a VPN and is the ideal solution for staff, contractors or partners offering controlled access only to those applications for which they are authorised.


On 6th October, 2014 CESG, the UK National Technical Authority for information assurance, published guidance on how to deploy Excitor G/On for remote working and home PC usage at OFFICIAL.

This guidance forms part of the CESG End User Devices Security and Configuration Guidance and for the first time, enables UK Public Sector organisations to take advantage of the savings made through the deployment of Excitor G/On with home PCs.

A Security White Paper on Excitor G/On referencing the CESG guidance can be found here.

Access the CESG guidance on Excitor G/On.

  • Secure access from home PC
  • Control access for contractors and partners
  • Reduce IT spend with no VPN
  • Prevent local storage of sensitive data


Excitor G/On is that easy to use!

Step 1 – User turns off PC and inserts G/On® USB Token into their PC (could be personally or corporate owned)

Step 2 – PC Reboots from USB token launching G/On® Secure OS, disabling local hard drive, and challenging user for their AD credentials

Step 3 – Once Authenticated G/On® presents user with a menu of approved Applications – Web, Citrix, or RDP (Terminal Servers or directly to your PC in the office). 

Step 4 – User selects application and works over FIPS 140-2 encrypted connection, with no sensitive user data saved to the local PC or USB Token


A new law in the UK extends the right for employees to request flexible working hours - not just parents and carers. The UK Government expects the law to, amongst other things, make businesses increase their productivity. An article from BBC News elaborates. The terms of this new law can be found on the UK Government website.


Try it out!

Experience the power of G/On OS working on your PC right now by downloading the G/On Demo client.



Further Information

For further information please contact your local Excitor sales office representative.

To discuss using Excitor G/On® please email government@excitor.com

Read the Excitor G/On® Technical Overview


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