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EMM Whitepaper

Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)

Balancing ease of access to corporate information with security and control.



The Excitor G/On® Security Model Technical Whitepaper Excitor G/On® 5.5

This document describes the Excitor G/On® Security Model and its implementation.


Whitepaper on G/On Secure remote access


Seven Days Technology White Paper

Enterprise Mobile Information Security

Mobility is transforming the way enterprises conduct their business, it’s up to IT to create a good mobile security strategy. With so many solutions and technology available, how do IT make sure they cover all scenarios business require. 

This document will highlight and explain why certain technologies are better than others for different scenarios and requirements, and also show that one can have a complete Mobile Information Security Strategy with minimal impact to users and the minimum number of solutions for IT to manage. 


IDC Whitepaper

Read the IDC whitepaper: "Secure Enterprise Data in a BYOD World".


The Whitepaper is written by the IDC Research Director, Jason Anderson.


Jason can also be seen in the video - discussing BYOD, MDM and Containerization.



Security in Excitor DME™

Excitor DME™’s device management and security tools take a multi-level approach to protecting your organization’s data. This ensures that no matter where the data is, it’s secured with DME. And as with the other aspects of device management, the security functions can all be accessed and enabled through Excitor DME™’s secure web interface.

Case Studies