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Become an Excitor Partner

Do you want to become an Excitor partner and sell, implement and support one of the best mobile solutions in the industry?
Excitor is sold through a network of well-recognized and professional partners. All our partners have strong competencies in network infrastructure, security, mobile technologies and/or the major e-mail platforms. As Excitor continues to expand into EMEA and the rest of the world, we seek partners who recognize that IT solutions that address customers’ needs for mobile tools, mobile device management and mobile security are critical for today’s and tomorrow’s business success.


Our goal is to help you grow your business and your bottom line right now while providing you with the mobility solutions and competencies needed to address the needs of your customers tomorrow.


Great partnerships are founded on a commitment to excellence and aligned expectations. We offer a partner program with three partner levels to ensure successful engagement where you quickly see results and where the focus is on business and customers – and not on the administrative processes.


If you embrace superior technologies and would like to add a leading mobile solution with focus on security, flexibility and low TCO to your offerings, please email marketing@excitor.com for more information about becoming a partner.


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