Excitor Customer Case Studies

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Traditional site-to-site IPSec VPNs and SSL VPNs were nolonger meeting Scanlabs sophisticated security requirements. A less complex all-in-one solution with greater usability and lower costs was needed.  


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CenSus (Central Sussex)

In October 2014, CESG published guidance enabling Excitor G/On to be used by government organisations for accessing data at OFFICIAL from personally owned PCs. This guidance Enables Councils to Support Home Working and Reduce Costs.



ITDZ Berlin

ITDZ Berlin choose a solution that not only fulfills the extremely high security and compliance demands of the State of Berlin, but also excels through its integration of the 50 different management entities in use,  simplifying the administration of a variety of mobile devices.


 ITDZ happy DME customer


 Storebælt both G/On and DME Customers


Storebælt wanted a solution which enabled easy computer access to the company’s system for employees as well as external consultants without compromising security.




Newcastle Building Society

Newcastle Building Society looked at a range of MDM solutions, but Excitor’s DME application stood out. The user experience was great, it met their security requirements and configuration was very easy.


Excitors DME Stood out from other MDM solutions


Fylde Council - freedom to go mobile

Fylde Council

Read about how Fylde Council saves money by no longer needing to provide devices to employees.

 Download Fylde Council Case Study


Kirklees Council

Read about how Kirklees Council worked with our partner Ecommnet to implement DME in just two days after abandoned a competitive product after 6 weeks of implementation issues.

Implement DME in just 2 days


Protect sensitive information with DME

Bureau Jeugdzorg

Read all about how Bureau Jeugdzorg Noord-Holland, a youth-care organisation that defends the right of young children and adolescents, deployed DME in order to securely protect the sensitive information contained in emails as well as improving productivity by enabling home working.


British American Tobacco

Read all about how British American Tobacco's strategy to implement the use of personal devices such as iPhone, iPad and Android by their employees.

BYOD strategy

Modern infrastructure with G/On


Guldborgsund is striving to become an attractive workplace with a modern infrastructure supporting the different needs for mobility and flexibility for the employees. The municipality has therefore purchased the remote access solution G/On.


Danish Cancer Society

Frustrated by slow and inefficient remote access solutions, the Danish Cancer Society is now using G/On to increase workforce mobility and reduce IT administration costs.

 Use G/On to in crease workforce mobility


New Energy Foundation

G/On guarantees employees at New Energy Foundation (NEF) secure and flexible access from external PCs to applications on NEF’s local network. This has led to significant savings for NEF and is paving the way for network consolidation.

G/On guarantees secure and flexible access