Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)

- Balancing ease of access to corporate information with security and control

The adoption of mobile solutions depends on user demands, the business case for adoption, security constraints and the level of investment.


The end game in mobility is a seamless environment between the desktop and the mobile device – making work on the road as easy as in the office. Users are clamouring for remote and mobile access to their personal, departmental and corporate file shares, to Sharepoint, to their intranet and their mail and other business applications. Providing it has security implications, but users are ever more powerful in deciding what is enabled for mobile use. The tools to manage and control this world are critical in avoiding security disasters and user dissatisfaction.


BYOD (“Bring Your Own Device”) must be managed under this umbrella. Even for those organisations not actively pursuing a BYOD policy, it exists in almost every company, as does mixed personal and corporate use of corporately owned devices, which presents similar security challenges. And of course BYOD means enabling the same solutions on iOS, Windows Phone 8 and Android.


Excitor provides an EMM Suite to get users working on the road without compromising business security. The suite is componentised but integrated, letting companies start with the tools that fit their immediate demands, knowing that future needs can be met by adding components – all on an ever increasing range of devices, form factors, operating systems and user interfaces.


There is no ‘one size fits all’ for Enterprise Mobility. Excitor’s EMM Suite encompasses a broad spectrum of capabilities under the ‘Mobilty’ Umbrella: 


Excitor offers an integrated suite for mobility and remote working. The starting point is up to the customer. 

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