Excitor DME HTML5 Secure Runtime Platform

Mon, 12/08/2014 - 13:02 -- admin
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Take your Intranet, web sites, and other web applications to a new level of user experience via the HTLM5 platform integrated within the secure mobile workplace container

  • Take advantage of the powerful tools in Excitor’s secure HTML5 platform to mobilize your web applications across multiple device types
  • Embedded APIs to hardware specific features such as camera and GPS and many aspects of the touchscreen interface to transform web applications into a true mobile experience
  • The Excitor DME secure HTML5 runtime platform includes full support for offline storage of application data enabling online + offline apps
  • Gateway server has options for “white listing” and “black listing” of URLs and servers as well as settings for server side access and client side user options
  • The HTML5 secure runtime platform features a launch pad, giving easy access to web apps for which the user is authorized. The user can also add his or her own favorites