Excitor DME™ File Browser

Mon, 12/08/2014 - 11:41 -- admin
File Browser secure container
The Excitor secure mobile workplace container includes an integrated file browser
  • Browse through your company files stored for offline access on your device inside the secure container fully isolated from other files stored directly on the device
  • When online, browse through your personal or shared files stored on file servers or Microsoft SharePoint inside your company network.  No “cloud” service required for accessing shared files
  • Work with the documents just like on your PC.  Copy, move, upload and download files. Move between offline and online use
  • View and edit documents using the built in suite of office tools. Documents stay within the secure mobile workplace container and within company network
  • Access to corporate file shares and Microsoft SharePoint is managed through existing AD/LDAP user credentials
  • Send emails directly from the File Browser with documents attached